3 Tips to boost your confidence

Jessica Ruby When faced with a big challenge where potential failure seems to lurk at every corner, maybe you’ve heard this advice before: “Be more confident.” And most likely, this is what you think when you hear it: “If only it were that simple.” But what is confidence? Take the belief that you are valuable, […]

How to stay calm under pressure

Your favorite athlete closes in for a victorious win. The crowd holds its breath, and, at the crucial moment, she misses the shot. That competitor just experienced the phenomenon known as “choking,” where despite months, even years, of practice, a person fails right when it matters most. Choking is common in sports, where performance often […]

How To Simplify Your Life

it’s well understood by good parents that life should only ever get so exciting for a baby after friends have come round and brought presents and made animated faces after there’s been some cake and some cuddles after they’ve been a lot of bright lights and perhaps some songs – enough is enough the baby […]

How to stop screwing yourself over

Transcriber: Judith Matz Reviewer: Tatjana Jevdjic Bigger welcome! Hello, San Francisco! TEDx oh my God, blinding light! Hi, everybody! How are you? . My name is Mel Robbins, and for the last seventeen years, I have done nothing but help people get everything that they want. Within reason! My husband’s here. So, I’ve done it […]

How to manage your time more effectively

In the summer of 1997, NASA’s Pathfinder spacecraft landed on the surface of Mars, and began transmitting incredible, iconic images back to Earth. But several days in, something went terribly wrong. The transmissions stopped. Pathfinder was, in effect, procrastinating: keeping itself fully occupied but failing to do its most important work. What was going on? […]